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Logicor Shipping Software for the Enterprise

If your shipping system isn't fast enough, isn't connected to your business systems, or doesn't allow you to effortlessly work with multiple carriers and modes like UPS, FedEx, DHL, US Postal, LTL, TL, Freight Forwarders, private fleet and more, it's slowing you down. Get up to full speed with a multi-carrier shipping software system from Logicor

See for yourself the ease of shipping automation integration  Reduce Transportation Costs by using a multi carrier system

Whether you run on an IBM iSeries or a Microsoft Windows platform, Logicor's solutions will simplify your outbound logistics and provide intelligence into ship spending, fulfillment processing, resource allocation, and more for both small and large businesses. Discover how improved shipping processes will save you time and money. Find out why Logicor is the leader in helping shipping departments reduce costs and gain flexibility »

Would Your Job Be Easier If You Could:
  • Quickly rate shop between carriers?
  • Automate export documentation?
  • Create, route, rate, and execute LTL and TL carriers through the same system?
See how Logicor delivers these easy-to-use, time-saving features »
Implement and Integrate without Technical Hassles
Logicor solutions enable smooth installation and integration with leading business systems, including Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, and more, regardless of whether you run on IBM iSeries or Microsoft.

Microsoft Users: Check out Logicor GlobalShip™ »

IBM iSeries Users: Check out Logicor GlobalShip iSeries™ »
Logicor + Pfastship = Stronger Technology & Services for You
In June 2005, Logicor Logistics acquired Pfastship Worldwide Logistics in order to become the most reliable, responsive, enterprise-class shipping solution provider in the industry.

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